M1A and M14 Products

Below are the products we offer for the M14/M1A series rifles

M14 and M1A Drill and Tap scope base

This is our 2 screw (3rd optional) Drill & Tap mount for all M1A and M14 Rifles.

This mount does not interfere with the iron sights when a scope is not mounted and does not us the side mount screw hole.  This mount slides into the stripper clip guide dovetail and uses two screws in the front receiver bridge, a 3rd screw can be used in the rear dovetail but is usually not needed as the dovetail will hold the mount securely with just the original roll pin.  This mount does require a gunsmith to drill and tap into the receiver.  Once installed the mount does not interfere with the iron sights so you can use quick release rings to alternate between optic and irons. The mount is made from 4140 Steel and is heat treated and blued.   The Mount is angled underneath so it does not obstruct case extraction.  This is a patent pending design.

Scope Base ONLY – $125

2 screw Installation – $75