KelTec SU16 Threading

Got an older Kel Tec SU16 model without the threaded barrel?

We can safely remove and thread your Kel Tec SU16 barrel to 1/2 x 28.  On an Alpha model we remove the plastic sight and thread .500 long just like your AR15 barrel, we re-crown the barrel and make a custom thread protector for when you are not using the threads.  On Bravo models we thread .400 so that you can keep your steel sight tower. We then reinstall the barrel and make sure it is correctly head spaced.

Price is $145 and includes return shipping via ground UPS.
We also offer the ability to email you a UPS label for shipping the gun to us.

Email or call us at (208)656-5824 for more details or to get your barrel threaded.

Once threaded you can use any barrel accessory out there including flash suppressors and sound suppressors.  See the pictures below of one we have threaded.