S&W M&P Shield 9mm Review

Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD 9mm Review –

I recently received my concealed weapons license and I have spent a lot of time looking for the best gun to concealed carry.  I currently have a S&W XDM-40, but it is too heavy and bulky to conceal on a day-to day basis.  On the flip side, my wife has a Bodyguard 380, which is very little, but holds six round of a small caliber.

What I was really wanting was at least a 9mm that was thin and light enough to carry even when tucking in slightly fitted shirts.  I spent some time considering a few guns including the Ruger LC9, and the Sig p938 9mm.

Here are why I CHOSE the Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD:

1. It is very thin and fairly light for a 9mm.

2. I trust S&W to make a RELIABLE GUN.

3. It is fairly inexpensive compared to the Sig or Kimber.

4. I had heard from a professional shooter it is one of his personal favorites.

This was not an easy gun to find, so I was excited after getting it from Expedition Firearms and I am absolutely THRILLED with my Shield. At 10 yards I was shooting great groupings and hitting my targets at will.  I actually can’t believe how well-balanced it feels. Not only that, but the grip is very comfortable, especially for a conceal carry weapon.

In addition, the gun disappears when holstered.  The thin frame really just can’t be seen when it is concealed.  I hardly notice that I am carrying it myself.  Plus, I like the aggressive lines and overall look of the gun.
I really like the way the gun looks, feels, carries, and shoots.  Not to mention the price is amazing at nearly $300 LESS than the Sig P938.


There are only 2 cons that come to mind.

The first is that it is a good-looking gun, but not as good looking as the Sig P938 I looked at.  It has a polymer grip, not all metal, however it still is a GREAT looking gun and at the end of the day, its CONCEALED anyway.

The second con is the trigger pull.  This is common in concealed carry guns, but I just simply wish that it had a smoother, and lighter, pull.  It says it’s a 6 1/2 pound pull, and that felt about accurate.  I may look into seeing if some trigger changes can be made.

Honestly, for the money, this is the perfect gun for what I was looking for.  The cons are just too little to dissuade me from loving this gun.  I love it.  I would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars easily.

Tyson Nielsen