Steyr L9-A1 Review

Steyr L9-A1 by Blaine

I purchased the Steyr L9 from Expedition Firearms based on the highest of recommendations. It is a M9 with a few additions. It has a longer barrel and serrations on the front slide for those who prefer to rack the gun from the front of the slide. It also has 15+ 2 addition rounds for the 9mm. It has a very low bore axix for low recoil and has the standard trapezoidal sights. It also has an internal locking mechanism much like the HK USP & P30 series. It is striker fired and has an point on the back of the slide that sticks out so the operator can feel if there is a round in the chamber.
I have absolutely loved this gun. Its price tag of $500ish puts it in the same category of the Glock 19, M&P, & XD. This full size 9mm is egonomically designed for comfort and low recoil which it achieves with ease. It is wickedly accurate & took me less than 2 mags to get used to the unique sights. I chose this gun over the competition due to feel & recommendation. It has not disappointed. I did shoot some higher grain ammo for the first 200 rounds just to break in the gun and loosen the slide up a bit. It is light weight even with 17 rounds in the mag. It is comfortable to carry and super reliable. This gun does not have a safety. All my friends that have shot it have loved it. Im very happy with my purchase and highly recommend this gun. It is also very female friendly with its low recoil, ease in handling, & very comfortable grip.