Springfield XD Tactical Review

Springfield XD Tactical

I purchased a Springfield XD tactical in 40sw about 4 years ago. At the time, I knew I wanted an automatic, black polymer hand gun in 40S&W. After looking at a couple of different guns, my choices came down to a Glock-22, Springfield XD, and a Springfield XD-M.

Comparing the different models, these are the differences that stood out to me:
1. Price: At the time, the XD was about $50 cheaper than the Glock, and about $150 cheaper than the XD-M.
2. Magazines: the Glock-22 holds 15 rounds, XD-M 16 rounds, and the XD 12 rounds.
3. Comfort/feel: this was probably one of the most important differences between the guns. When I held the Glock, it felt really uncomfortable, almost like I was holding a 2X4 in my hand. The XD and XD-M both felt great; very comfortable, very stable.

It was a tough choice because all 3 guns are great guns. The Glock was out simply because of the feel of it in my hand, so then my choice was down to the XD or XD-M. The XD-M held 4 more rounds per magazine, has adjustable backstraps on the pistol grip, and boasts a match grade barrel. Those are nice features, but it was not worth the extra $150 I would have had to pay for almost the same hand gun. I eventually purchased the XD Tactical because of the price, value, and feel of the gun.

I opted for the Tactical 5 inch over the 4 inch service model to get that extra bit of accuracy, not due to the longer barrel but rather longer sight radius, plus I think it looks cooler.

Springfield XD Key Features:
1. Grip Safety and Trigger Safety: both safeties have to be depressed in order for the gun to fire
2. Striker Indicator: you can see and/or feel if the gun is cocked
3. Loaded chamber indicator: you can see and/or feel if a round is chambered
4. Easy No-Tool Disassembly: the gun easily breaks down into 3 major pieces – slide, frame, & barrel. No tools are needed and it allows for easy cleaning of the gun.
5. Accessory Rail: allows for lights, lasers, or pistol bayonets…

The XD is also available in various barrel lengths and calibers, from sub-compact 3″ to the 5″ Tactical, and available in 9MM, 40S&W, 357SIG, and 45ACP.

I have used this gun for IDPA and USPSCA matches and for casual shooting. I have thousands of rounds through this gun and have yet to have a malfunction.

At the end of the day, the Springfield XD is simply an outstanding hand gun.

Justin Chipp