Sig P238 Review

Sig P238 review

Several years ago I purchased a Sig Sauer P238 from Excpedition Firearms. I was looking for a gun that would be easy and comfortable to carry concealed. I was currently using a Sig Sauer 1911 comander style to carry concealed. Unfortunatly, even with a 4” barrel, I did not carry the 1911 very often because it was uncomfortable to carry with an inside the waist band holster. As a result of my experiences carrying the 1911, I decided to go with a small 380 caliber or 9mm.

I chose the Sig Sauer P238 for several reasons. As someone who likes 1911 style handguns, the P238 had several features similar to 1911’s that grabbed my attention. The single action trigger gives a nice clean break dispite having a heavier trigger pull then most 1911’s. The grip is small enough to conceal well, but still allows for a full hand grip with the extended 7 round magazine. The flush fit 6 round magazine makes an excellent back up magazine, and fits easily into a pocket. I also liked the look of the gun, and if I am going to own a gun, I need it to look good.

Having carried the gun for several years, I can vouch for its utility as a concealed carry firearm. The size allows for easy and comfortable carry. I carry mine every day from the time I leave the house in the moring until I go to sleep at night. I can wear almost any shirt and I never worry about the grip sticking out. The P238 is so easy to carry that I have replaced a garbage diposale under a sink without needing to remove the gun.

The functunality of the P238 is excellent. Over the years I have had very few jams (always with cheap FMJ ammo, never with the personal defense ammo). The recoil is less then every other 380 auto I have shot (would compare it to slightly more recoil then a 22LR in a small pistol). It groups well, even with a short barrel. If you are familiar with carry guns, you know that they get dusty. I have shot this gun when it is dusty, and it functions flawlessly. It is a very reliable gun.

I recommend the P238 to any one who asks my opinion for a carry gun. It is small enough to carry easily, but big enough to get a good grip. The recoil is very managable, which allows for much quicker second shot. It is reliable, even when dirty. I think this may be the best concealed carry gun available. The only gun, in my opinion, that may be better is the Sig Sauer P938 (it was not out yet when I purchased my P238).

Will Harston