Ruger SR22 Review

Ruger SR22 Review by Zach Cook

Ruger SR22

This little pistol has been so much fun! I bought this from Expedition Firearms almost a year ago; the transaction was smooth and easy. The gun works the exact same way…smooth and easy.

Ruger did a great job. This pistol comes with two 10 round mags, two different butt plates for the mags (extended pinky for larger hands), two different interchangeable grips for different hand sizes, a soft pistol case, lock, and manual. I have large hands (according to glove size) and when I put on the larger grip along with the different butt plates for the mag this thing fits snug in my hands. Safety control is ambidextrous, mag release is ambidextrous, decocker is built-in with the safety, slide release is NOT ambidextrous, and the trigger is ambidextrous duh. It feels and seems to be well made.

When looking for a pistol, in the 22 caliber, I read a lot of reviews and watched a lot of video reviews to hear  and see what people were saying. I wanted something that was reliable, fairly accurate, and all around well made. Not having shot other models of 22 pistols I can’t give a real side-by-side comparison. But I feel like the Ruger SR22 met all my needs and wants in a semi-auto 22 pistol.

I’ve only put about 200+ rounds of Remington Golden .22 ammo through it. I haven’t used any other ammo at this point. Of those 200+ rounds there has only been 2-3 FTF and FTE. Partly due to a tight gun and some of the surfaces were quite dry. After a few rounds and a good cleaning, lube added to moving parts, this little gun just eats it up. It’s so much fun to shoot!! My wife even likes shooting this, and that’s saying something.

I would recommend this gun to anyone who is seriously looking to buy a semi-auto pistol 22. This gun looks and feels a lot like Walther’s P22 but from the reviews that I’ve read the Ruger handles more ammunition types with fewer to no problems. Like I said once you get it broken in a little bit, it eats what you feed it.


Zach Cook