PMR30 Review

Kel-Tec  PMR-3

I’ve been waiting awhile for Kel-tec to “fix” the former issues with the PMR-30 in 22WMR.
The gun has had some twist rate issues in the past causing bullet tumbling or barrel rolling.
Waiting over 2+ years for the issues to be resolved and the gun put back into production. I was ecstatic for the new version to finally come it. It has not disappointed me. The new twist rate seems to be resolved. My only complaint is that Kel-Tec recommends not using a suppressor with this gun due to barrel weight in the slide causing potential issues. (Which is not covered under warranty if you use a suppressor and the weapon is damaged.) An extended barrel with a flash hider can be purchased from Kel-Tec’s website for an additional $120. The gun already carries a $650 price tag but does go for upwards of $1300 for certain color variations online. I have enjoyed this gun so far and finally got a chance to shoot it next to my FNH Five Seven. They are similar in feel and  recoil. The Kel-Tec is slimmer due to smaller ammo but the 50 grain WMR rounds give it a whopping 1800 fps speed. It is very accurate though doesnt have the distance the Five Seven does. It is light even with 30 rounds in the magazine and very easy to handle. The high vis fiber optic sights are great. It is striker fired and has a safety. Its a fun gun to shoot and is great for small game or plinking. Ammo is a pain to get for this gun and the manufacturer has very specific recommendations for what to use. I recommend this gun if you are patient enough to find the correct ammo for it. Ive had no problems but have followed the manufacturer recommendations for the weapon. It is a great gun that anyone can shoot with ease.