LCP Review

Ruger LCP .380acp  Review by Luke Champion

I recently applied for my Concealed Weapons Permit and when I did, I started looking for a good gun for conceal carry. Right away the Ruger LCP caught my attention for its size, caliber, price and good reviews. I started looking around both online and in local gun shops for the best deal on this firearm. I originally thought of buying it from Sportsman’s Warehouse but right before I went to go buy it I found it for $20 cheaper at Expedition Firearms. I picked up the pistol along with 50 rounds of FMJ at Walmart and took it out to the dessert to try it out.

From what I’ve experienced with firing and carrying the gun;


Super small and light making it easy to carry

Simple and durable build with smooth edges so noting gets caught on clothing

Accurate gun with reasonable caliber



Very long trigger pull and hard to tell when the pin will fire

No safety

Only six rounds of .380 with standard clip


Overall I am very pleased with the gun, if you’re looking for a gun to conceal carry everyday then this is a great little gun for a great price. The only real draw back for me is the trigger on the gun; it has a long pull and reset. Also on a side note I have looked into the Laserlyte for the LCP. While a great little laser I decided to not get one due to the fact that I will only use this gun for concealed carry and I want to keep the weight and width down as much as possible.