Gun Reviews

  Gun Reviews by Gun Owners

This is our Gun Review page. These are actuall owner reviews done by YOU!  The idea is to have a place for real user reviews not magazine reviews. The review has to be 200 words or more and include the factors you took into account when you bought your gun, and whether or not the gun lives up to your expectations.  Include as much detail as you want becuase others will be using these reviews to help them decide which guns to buy.

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CZ P07 Review by Sean Quinn

Ruger SR22 Review by Zach Cook

Smith and Wesson M&P9 Shield Review by Tyson Nielsen

 Glock 20/20SF Gen 3 by Steve Sommer

Glock 19 Review by Matthew Sherwood

Ruger GP100 Review by Blaine

Steyr L9-A1 Review by Blaine

Kel Tec PMR30 Review by Blaine

Sig Sauer P238 Review by Bill Harston

CZ 75B 40sw review by Will Harston

Howa 1500 review by Mike Arneson

Springfield XD Tactical review by Justin Chipp

Glock 42 .380acp review by Blaine

Glock 23 gen4 review by Steve Redford

Ruger LCP .380acp review by Luke Champion