GP100 Review

Ruger GP100 357 Magnum

I purchased the Ruger GP100 in blued 6″ 357 Magnum from Expedition Firearms. I have only run about 150 rounds through the gun with various ammo thus far, due to ammo being almost unavailable for just plinking. I bought this gun due to its reputation, ability to use any ammo in 357 or 38 Special, & because it really reminded me of the Colt King Cobra. The Ruger was around $500, well below the asking price of a used Cobra around $1800+. This gun can be used for home defense and hunting. I chose the 6″ because the barrel weight will reduce the recoil and will easily use a 90 grain 38 Special Lite round or a 200 Grain Bear Magnum round. It is nice and heavy which makes it very comfortable to shoot. Even with heavier grain loads. My 67 year old mom is comfortable with this gun & the way it handles. She even looks super bad-ass holding the gun. Its a great revolver & I’m glad to have gotten it.