Glock 42 380acp Review

Glock Model 42 in 380acp

The new Glock G42 .380 Auto is a great gun. I ran out this morning and put 6 magazine through it. It fires without a problem. Being new it was nice and tight. It handled very comfortably and my groupings were spot on at 15, 20 & 25 feet. All 6 rounds at 2 inches. I have carried my Sig Sauer P238 for the last 3 years and love it and I often carry my Shield 9mm. The Glock G42 has a longer barrel than both the Sig and the Shield. The G42 is longer and lighter than the Sig P238 and much smaller than the Shield 9mm. The G42 is also slightly smaller & lighter than the Walther PK380. I was thoroughly impressed with how well the Glock handled. I expected it to be a little snappy due to it being so light but it wasnt at all. I will be carrying the Glock and putting at least 200 rounds through it in the next few weeks. I will update my review then. As for now Im quite happy with my purchase. I would highly recommend it for female shooters as well as for small handed shooters.

A BIG THANK YOU to EXPEDITION FIREARMS for getting me one 2 days after Glock released it!