Glock 23 gen4 Review

Glock 23 gen4

When I went to Expedition Firearms looking for a side arm I had previously been researching different calibers and thought that I wanted a 10mm as a side arm for archery hunting. I talked with the staff for over an hour and a half about ballistics, his own personal experience with different calibers, ammo prices and availability, and then he boiled it all down to a level which was easy for me to understand. He knew what I was asking for and then he shared all kinds of knowledge and tailored that knowledge to what was best for me-the Glock 23.

The Glock 23 has been a great gun for me. It shoots a powerful load at a very flat trajectory. It’s not hard to be accurate at distances of 40-50 yards. Ammo isn’t too pricey, and is reasonably easy to find. Many people think that Glocks don’t look real pretty and don’t fit in your hand well. Looks are all about your opinion; as for me, the looks are close enough to par. More importantly, the gen4 comes with back straps that are easily interchangeable to fit individual hands to make it more comfy to handle and shoot. The frame and slide is exactly the same as it’s 9mm brother, the Glock 19. As a carry conceal gun, the Glock 23 has become my first choice. I wear a bellyband holster and it makes carrying the gun a breeze. The gun is very comfortable to carry, as it’s somewhat light and compact. I can carry in any attire, in almost every situation and usually it seems to disappear. I find myself touching my hip slyly every now and then to make sure it’s still there. I’ve never had a misfire or jam with the gun during the first 400 or so rounds. I highly doubt it will jam in the future, as you can see the quality of engineering when you take it apart for cleaning. It takes just a couple seconds to field strip it because it is so very simple. It’s got my complete confidence. If you have a chance to pick up a Glock 23, I would highly recommend it, and get it from Expedition Firearms!


Oh and the price I paid for it was better than what most places had it for!


Steve Redford