Glock 19 Review

Glock 19 review

by Matthew Blake Sherwood

My wife and I have used firearms for many years, but two years ago we finally made the decision to get our conceal carry licenses. The big question as to which pistols to use became the topic of discussion and research for many weeks in our home. We settled on the Kel-Tec PF9 for its extremely light weight and slim profile while still delivering a powerful +P cartridge. The PF9 is also very affordable. My wife and I shared this firearm between us for about a year. Over the course of a year we learned some very valuable lessons about conceal carrying.

Lesson one: You get what you pay for in firearms.

Lesson two: If you don’t like to shoot your firearm then you won’t practice with. If you don’t practice with it you won’t be worthy of conceal carrying.

Lesson three: Sharing a firearm sucks.

The Kel-Tec had way too much recoil to be comfortable for my wife, and most importantly wasn’t nearly as reliable as I felt comfortable with in protecting my family (too many failure to ejects and failure to feeds). So we sold the Kel-Tec and resumed discussion and research in our hunt for reliable and comfortable conceal carry pistols. After a ton of deliberation my wife (overly cautious after the PF9 recoil) settled on carrying the Ruger SR22 and I chose the Glock 19. I decided on the Glock 19 for a number of reasons: arguably unmatched history of reliability, very large magazine capacity, and it’s small enough to be concealed on my small 5’9” 160 lb. frame. We took our new pistols out for an afternoon of shooting. My gun ran flawlessly – it was everything I was looking for in a conceal carry pistol. Unfortunately, I only ran about two mags through the Glock 19 the whole afternoon because my wife was also so in love with it. We ended up selling her Ruger SR22 and got her a Glock 19 and conceal carry purse. We are both very satisfied with our Glock 19 pistols. We love how reliable they are, love how they shoot, and always look forward to taking them out to practice with. Expedition Firearms made ordering both Glock 19 pistols fast, easy, and very affordable. They have contributed immensely to our family’s safety and security. We wholeheartedly recommend considering the Glock 19 for your personal conceal carry firearm.