CZ P07 Review

CZ P-07 Review by Sean Quinn

I purchased a new CZ PO7 Duty from Expedition Firearms just over two years ago.  I had just sold my Glock 23 .40 and was looking for something in a 9mm.  I was looking for a gun that offered an external thumb safety similar to the 1911 style top-down safety so that the gun could be carried locked and cocked.  The guys showed me several CZ model pistols (which I liked) and I eventually settled on the PO7 Duty.   I was most impressed by the gun because it has an interchangeable de-cocker/safety that I have converted a few times in less than 5 minutes.  The gun itself is very easy to use and comes with 2 16+1 magazines although 15+1 works much better.  The polymer frame is very sturdy and easily gripped both with and without gloves.  The trigger has a lot of room, though some people say it looks weird, making it very easy to shoot with bulkier gloves.   Shooting the gun is simply fantastic!  It has very little recoil making it easy to re-acquire the target very quickly and after shooting 1000+ rounds it has never malfunctioned.  The sights are standard and there are few options to get different sights as this is a newer model firearm.   The safety has work perfectly despite seeming a little fragile at first and I would not be afraid to carry it with the hammer locked back and the safety on.   The de-cocker works great as well if that is what you prefer.  I have used both and been extremely happy.   Breaking the gun down and cleaning it is very similar to cleaning a Glock.   It comes apart in the same number of pieces and gives you access to the internal components allowing them to be cleaned.   For the price, this has to be one of the best handguns on the market for a person who likes to shoot.   It has been much more accurate than my Glock ever was and has malfunctioned less.   I have been able to hit targets consistently (not for speed) and distances of 100+ yards (mostly gallon milk containers) and my personal best was 1 of 5 at 200 yards.   My only concerns are that the magazines sometimes get stuck when removing them if there is still ammo in them.  Once they are empty the fall easily.  Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase and despite its being a little big for me to concealed carry (I’m skinny) It has performed beautifully.  I love this gun and recommend it frequently.  Like I said, this gun at its price makes it one of the best on the market today.  It also comes in a .40 caliber and multiple colors.

1LT Quinn, Sean T.