CZ 75B review

CZ 75B

I bought my CZ 75B at Expedition Firearms looking for a full size handgun. I was originally looking at XD’s, M&P’s, and Glocks chambered in 40 S&W. However, I have owned several 1911’s and I have always liked the feel and they way they shoot. I had purchased a 1911 from Expedition Firearms in the past, and when I came in to ask about purchasing a handgun in 40 S&W I was introduced to the CZ 75B.

The CZ 75B is a steel frame gun and has an external hammer and safety similar to a 1911. It has a 4” barrel that locks to the slide with barrel lugs much like a 1911. Unlike a 1911, it is a double action and takes a double stack magazine with a capacity of 12 rounds.

I have fired at least 800 rounds through this firearm and found it very reliable. My only complaint was the double action trigger. Double action triggers require more movement then single action triggers. Having mainly shot 1911’s, I was more comfortable with a single action trigger. Expedition Firearms changed the trigger to a single action, and I have been happy with the CZ 75B ever since.

Will Harston